What are the effects of smoking on your health?

Do you know how much smoking can be dangerous for you? Today in the 21st century teenagers are mostly getting affected by the intoxication, they start taking it because of the bad company or due to many other reasons. Elders used to take it to reduce the stress. If you are one of them who are taking the cigarettes to reduce your tensions, then you are doing a very wrong thing. There are many other ways which will help you to do so then why smoking.

On the packets on cigarettes also it is mentioned that it will kill you, but still, you are taking it and destroying yourself by ruining your health. Here are some of the effects which can be caused on the human health because of health. If you have a little bit knowledge then after reading it you will definitely leave smoking otherwise enjoy it and wait for the moment when you will die.


Few problems are there which the effects of doing smoking are, and those are:-

  • Smoking can destroy your lungs which is a very big issue. It will create respiratory issues in you which will make you hard even to breathe also and can cause asthma too which is a very big respiratory problem.
  • It can destroy your immune system also. Immune system performs the function in your body which will prevent you from getting in touch with any disease.
  • It is not enough there are many other serious problems also which can cause due to smoking and one of them is cardio problems also. It will weaken your heart and creates chances of heart failures and attacks too.

Ending words

Smoking can create many health issues which are life taking so that is why you should avoid smoking and save your life. Yes there is no doubt in it that you are doing it to reduce your today’s stress to live comfortably but what about future; it will give you double stress further. It will make you addictive towards it and destroy your body, and even it will grab your life also then what is the point to do smoking for relieving stress.  From today if you will have any kind of stress then avoid smoking and do those things which will give you a pleasant feeling to lead a happy and healthy life.

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